English :A Video That will teach you how to build your own home made Makiwa ! enjoy!

Hebrew :וידאו שילמד אתכם להכין מקיווארה ביתית

How to build your own home made Makiwara

Materials you will  need :

1 Rubber car tire.

4 Screws 8/10 Mm in diameter

4-8 Rings of metal (that fits the screws)

1 Martial arts belt / 1 industrial  rubber size 25 X 20 CM / other padding

1 Or 2  strong tape rolls.

1 Board  (made out off good wood). (and in the Right size about 20 X 70 CM)

1 Leather cover of professional Makiware / Or other


Before you start you will need to :

1 Use a driller and drill 4 holes in the board

1 Drill 4 fitting holes on the tire.

( I think 8 Mm or 10 Mm will be good).

1 knife in case that holes in tire are not big enough.

1 8/10 Mm tool to close the screws in different angles.


Thank you for watching my video!


I am happy to have a new Makiwara in my dojo!


Hope I helped you get an idea of how to build it yourself!


It can also be hanged on a wall, or onto another stable compound.


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