Karate as a Martial Art and A way of life

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Karate do Goju Ryu traditional martial art for self defense, keeping a healthy body and spirit, living a healthy way of life.

Karate Goju Ryu

Training With Sensei Eli Elfassy.

Scheduled  Classes Herev Laet:

Ages 4-7  Wednesday at 16:00.karate goju kids

Ages 5.5-10 Sunday & Wednesday at 17:00.

Ages 10-15 Sunday & Wednesday at 18:00.

Ages 15+ (adults) Sunday & Wednesday at 19:15.

Ages 15+  (adults beginners) Friday at 8:15.

Ages 15+  (adults beginners) Tuesdays at 19:15.


Special lessons

To schedule special courses, lessons, Mini Gashuko,

Contact Eli at 0508822333.


A part of Sensei Eli Perspective as a Sensei

1. Every student/practitioner should get a suitable workout that is suited to his mental and physical state.

2. Traditional Karate as the base of self defense and martial art, Without ignoring other methods and knowledge that was acquired with time.

3. Keeping practitioners healthy is of high preference.

4. Improvement is an individual and a relative issue.

5. A teacher must keep on learning and training all his life, To keep himself fit and give a good example for his students.